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We are accredited buyers agents and through our sister company About Homes, we offer a service to assist people to be able to purchase their home if they are unable to obtain bank finance. There are many good people out there that are simply unable to put together a deposit to buy their own home. These are good people, family people that have been unable to save the deposit needed to qualify for a bank loan. In the past 14 years About Homes have provided deposit finance for many home buyers.

A true story – could this be you:

Garth & Karlene had just $3000 deposit and their prospect of being able to purchase their own home was remote to say the least. They had 6 children and the prospect of saving a deposit was simply out of the question. Subsequently, they approached AboutHomes and submitted an application which was processed and with affordability being assessed was approved and a deposit loan was made available. They were able to purchase their own home in 2011 for $395000. In early 2016 they advised it was now worth around $650000.

For more information and to see the full testimonial, along with others, go to our website.

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